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در روش ميکرودرم ابريژن يا ميکرودرم ابريشن، کل پوست را در معرض تماس با يک ماده معدني بي ضرر که همان پودر اکسيد آلومينيوم مي باشد قرار مي دهند که اين پودر با داشتن کريستال هاي ريز باعث مي شود که پوست ساييده شده و بافت هاي مرده از بين رفته و ترميم پوست فعال […]

Eyebrow planting

Eyebrows that are full, have a nice look, and usually do not attract the attention of others. But what attracts the attention of others is the presence of thin or empty eyebrows that can attract the unwanted attention of other people to you. Approved eyebrow tweaks are used to permanently fix the problem of bald […]


PRP Treatment for hair loss with PPP Platelet-rich plasma, often called PPP, is a blood-coagulated plasma (which is about five times that of plaque in the normal circulation). Apart from red blood cells and white blood cells, our blood contains well-known cells called platelets. The function of the platelets is to accelerate the recovery and […]

Hair transplant FIT

FIT hair transplantation method: One of the most suitable methods for hair transplantation is FIT, which does not require anesthetic or surgical sutures. In this method, each hair follicle unit is surgically activated individually. No longer requires a deep scalp to graft. The steps to do this planting are that after removing the grafts, the […]

gel injection

Physicians use this method to eliminate lines of frowning and smooth facial wrinkles, as well as highlight and size the lips, cheeks and lines of laughter. The resulting result brings with it the individual’s satisfaction, and the person with more confidence, with a beautiful and young pink, continues to live a life of his own.


Mesotherapy Mesotherapy: In order to strengthen and prevent hair loss, the doctor will receive an injection. Drugs used in mesotherapy include herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Very small drug pellets directly enter into the mesoderm (middle layer) and cause the area to be treated.

botax injection

Botox: A pure, natural protein is used to relieve wrinkles caused by facial movements such as laughter and frost. Botox is an abbreviation of POTOLISM and is approved by the FDA. Injecting a small amount of this substance directly in the muscle will reduce its activity and eliminate the lines that make up the result […]

Fat Injection

Fat Injection: The transfer of fat from some body volumes is required to scale and highlight areas. This action is done to correct and eliminate deep facial wrinkles, wrinkles and rejuvenation of the hands. Each person can take advantage of this practice over his lifetime and has no age limit. Blind facial in some people […]

Planting facial hair

It is the transplantation of the hair follicles of the individual in the parts of the empty and low density of the face, the only way to prevent the loss of hair and cover the empty space. The hair behind the person is used for the bond. In fact, the act of transferring is taken […]