Visit the skin and hair

Diseases of the skin
Change in the size, shape and color of skin color lesions
Itching and secretion of colored skin lesions
The presence of prominent and wicker lesions in every part of the skin, especially the facial, hands, foam and genital areas, which are often chronic and cause problems (sometimes these viral lesions, and in the absence of treatment, may spread to others). Check)
Acne or boils of pride (a timely treatment prevents them from creating a form of white forearm or scarring)
Pesticides and oral ulcers and genital area (pests usually fall off, but sometimes they are prone to diseases such as deficiencies of certain minerals or certain diseases that must be taken seriously)
– For the treatment of viral diseases, the appearance of skin like crayfish and scab, to prevent complications of the disease on the skin and other organs.
Itching, red, dry, or tiny blistering on the skin (skin eczema)
The presence of contagious and non-toxic fungal lesions in the form of white, red or brown spots on the skin.
To determine the type of antiperspirant and cosmetic according to skin type

Hair related diseases
Diagnosis and treatment of scalp acne due to adamile, such as sarcoid dermatitis, cotyledons, diabetes, etc., which can be contagious or non-toxic.
Treatment of regional hair loss that can involve head, face and body hair.
Generally, more than 50 hair per day is affected by factors such as nutritional factors, hormone, stress and …
– Dandruff

Any factor that causes excessive impact on the hair, such as cosmetic procedures, and weakens your hair. Adjust the type of shampoo and wash your hair with your hair.

Nail disorders
Redness, pain and inflammation of the skin around the nails (which can cause infections)
Deformation of the size and color of the nails due to some skin diseases
Placing too much nichen in water, strong nourishing, nail manicuring, and the use of artificial nails and any kind of nail-size impact will irritate and cause fungal diseases and unpleasant deformations in the nail.

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