What do you know about breast prosthesis?

Prostheses have different types and shapes
According to the surgeon’s experience and patient’s request
, For any woman size and special type of it
Is used. The shape of the prostheses or rounded
It has a lacrimal state. In its type, its area is tear
The upper is narrower and more natural and the area
The bottom is more filled and some attention
Patients are suffering from these prosthetics. If they spin slightly, their prosthesis loses their position and requires re-correcting. Round prostheses are the same in all directions and are easier to use. These prostheses are made up of a silicone wall that fills them in with gel or salt. In gel-filled prostheses, gel leaks can be made of the ventricular porosity of the prosthetic wall, and although the gel is sticky, the prosthesis is not completely empty and retains its shape, but the amount of gel that has leaked sometimes increases. Lymph nodes become painful.